Going after the viral achilles' heel

G.ST Antivirals is a clinical-stage biotech company that applies an innovative host cell-based strategy to develop broad-spectrum antivirals against infections of the respiratory tract.

Our mission

Treatments against the vast majority of viruses are scarce, and often leave physicians empty handed when dealing with viral infections.

G.ST Antivirals is determined to apply its innovative host cell-based strategy to develop broad-spectrum antivirals against infections of the respiratory tract such as the common cold. 

Laxmikant Wali and Vitalii Kovtunyk at work


Where we come from

Publishing a high-impact paper on the interaction of a respiratory virus with the infected cell, the founders Guido Gualdoni and Johannes Stöckl recognized the therapeutic potential of manipulating the metabolism of the host cell to overcome respiratory viral infections. This led to the establishment of a highly innovative, patented medication against rhinoviruses, the causative agent of the common cold and more severe respiratory diseases in vulnerable individuals.

As a result, G.ST Antivirals was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna, to exploit these academic findings and develop therapeutics for the benefit of patients.

Sarah Wideman at work



Viruses do not possess a metabolism of their own and are therefore entirely dependent on the host cell to provide the nutrient supply, e.g., of sugar, they need for replication. The founders of G.ST Antivirals performed pioneering scientific work uncovering specific viral dependencies on host cell metabolic pathways in the field of respiratory viruses. They further discovered that blocking the viruses’ access to nutrients results in their starvation within the host cell and therefore a complete elimination of viral reproduction. 

G.ST Antivirals’ unprecedented approach to treat viral infections is not only highly effective, but also unsusceptible to resistance development. 

Scharon Chou at work


G.ST Antivirals is currently working on tackling two indications of high medical need caused by viral respiratory pathogens.

The first product of G.ST Antiviral’s pipeline is a proprietary 2-deoxyglucose (2-DG) containing nasal spray targeting upper respiratory tract infections. The compound successfully completed clinical Phase 1 testing in 2023 and will proceed to Phase 2 in 2024.

Two pre-clinical candidates are currently being evaluated in pre-clinical stage for prevention and treatment of virus-associated exacerbations in COPD patients and other highly vulnerable patient groups.

Vitalii Kovtunyk at work


G.ST Antivirals reports start of Phase II trial and announces appointment of Ronald Bruce Turner as new Chief Medical Officer

G.ST Antivirals reports positive Phase I trial results for 2-Deoxy-D-glucose against upper respiratory infections

Results of collaboration between G.ST Antivirals and Takeda Global Pathogen Safety are published in The Journal of Virus Eradication and substantiate efficacy of 2-Deoxyglucose against respiratory tract pathogens



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